Canyonlands, Moab


  I just finished reading You are A Badass, by Jen Sincero. I wasn’t really looking for a self help book, but this one just came to me, and I am so glad it did.  For the most part, I feel so full in my life right now. Genuinely happier than I had felt in a long while.  I have the least materialistically that I have ever had, but I have what I need, and I have a few simple fun wants, turned reality, that make my life a little more fun…. 4-wheel drive, a bike rack, a mountain bike, a cool dog, a fun relationship, a gold sofa... In the book she talks a lot about the Source Energy, whatever this means to you- the universe, God, all that is and all that is connected. She makes note of how when you were a kid, you just knew how to be. You came into the world knowing your true self, because that was all that you were. No extra external factors had, at that point, told or shown you otherwise. Not only that, you were who you are because your brain hadn't even physically developed in a way that your subconscious memory tank could yet be affected. 

Many of my favorite moments form this recent desert hiking adventure were because of a 13 year old boy that showed all of us what to do and how to be. Seeing and feeling the negative effects of a computer age, the ultimate energy sucker as I sometimes refer to it, social media in our lives and our kids, and its effects in life, relationships, etc. That kid showed a group of grown up kids what to do and what we should be doing more often, like waking-up first thing, exploring every rock nook and cranny, chasing lizards, picking up snakes (only after consulting with his father, of course), planning out his next breakfast on the highest rock, asking questions, being excited about this alien like landscape we were we lucky enough to be present in. We had hit the mother load!  Surrounded by good ‘ol mother nature, natural beauty, soil and rocks that had formed over thousands of years. We were face to face with the source energy!! 

Going on this trip and coming across this book, made me think more about what we are doing here.  If  aliens did come back from say, a 7000 year hiatus, what would they say about us? Their first visit since humans were just figuring out the wheel.  While hiking, we laughed at this possibility. If aliens came to visit, to see how humans had progressed since the time of the wheel, and if they landed in the desert at this very moment, they would probably first run into this skinny guy walking along the hiking trail with a metal pole, skin fully covered with sun protective clothing, not even a toe left exposed, with the exception of his face which is so thickly caked on with sunscreen that a laser beam wouldn’t even stand a chance of permeation. They would continue to walk and next come across eight people soaking and cooling their feet in the same stream were they were pumping their drinking water. After their findings they would then turn and agree "Let’s give them another few thousand years…”

As I said earlier, I am genuinely happier than I have been in a long while, but I took a little time, some waking-up, some life changes and self analyzation and exploration to get here. Though I am happy, I feel like I am just getting started. While life will never be perfect, I can still improve and grow in this big life I have. Bringing all this Source Energy, find-the-kid in you, happy alien talk full circle now… In 'You are a Badass’ she suggest an exercise that I love..’Imagine that you are an alien floating around in outer space and you suddenly swoop down to Earth and inhabit you own body.”  Well, this is going to be fun… “As the alien, everything about this life is new and exciting to you…As the Alien, what do you see? What is this person good at, what does he/she love to do? ….As the alien, and everything being new and exciting, there is no past, no risk, nothing to lug around. As the alien, what are you going to do with this incredible new life? What fabulously awesome thing will you create with this new body while you are here?”  Well, first, I’m going to go climb this rock;)