Beach Walk + Lunch


    This time of year, lounge chairs, towels, picnics, and frisbee games begin to cover the beach sand. Marianne and I, both being complete beach junkies, stopped by one of my favorite, more private beach nooks. The rocky, cove like beaches of northern California are much different than the one's we grew up visiting. Yet somehow we effortlessly make the transition, continually enjoying the sand and pebbles between our toes. We walk down the steep trail to the coastal clearing. The seagulls and seals squawk and grunt in the distance. The misty ocean breeze kisses our skin as we stroll beside the gentle waves, collecting rocks and other ocean treasures along the way. Then, scrambling over rocks carrying our chairs, picnic, and camera to our own all-inclusive location. We set up our spot and enjoy a tasty beverage while we prepare simple seaside fair. 

I feel fortunate in my life to have access to such a wondrous place. All beaches have the same rejuvenating, fluid flux that causes all of us to bask in their pure awesomeness. So wherever you may be, grab your chair and a quick bite and get out and enjoy the beach!


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