Grilled Lamb Chops


  A few of mine and Michael's favorite things are the outdoors, campfires, brewskies, music and lamb chops! I have been interested in sharing Michael's homemade rubs for some time. With seasoned lamb chops and a fireside supper in mind, we decided to pair the dish with a local brew. We decided to take a visit to Redwood Curtain Brewery, a local microbrewery in Arcata, CA and Michael's favorite watering hole. After a few mandatory samplings, we chose our favorite and were given a growler to go. We graciously accepted the brewsky and headed back home to prepare our supper. We were so enthralled with sharing quality grilling time, we weren't even bothered by the fact that we don't even have an actual grill! Utilizing an old metal grate and our backyard fire ring, we cleverly created the quintessential grill and  an ideal campfire setting.

We love cooking outside over an open fire. It provides the perfect opportunity to wind down at  the end of the day, to enjoy each other, and provides an enjoyable atmosphere for any nightly meal. As Michael built the fire, he also serenaded me while we waited for the coals to get just right. Then he grilled the most superb lamb chops I've ever put in my mouth!  I hope that you all enjoy a little quality grilling time as soon as you possibly can. 



Grilled Lamb Chops

Prep: 5min. / Cook: 8-10min. / Serves: 1-2 lamb chop(s) per person

  • 1-2 lamb chops per person
  • dry-rub

Dry Rub

equal parts:

  • ground smoked paprika
  • dried mustard seed
  • cumin seed
  • alder smoked salt (Salish, Salt Works)
  • black peppercorn

   Place all 5 ingredients into a spice(coffee) grinder and blend together well. Then, go to your favorite watering hole and grab a growler to share for supper. Next, start the fire and prepare your chops by giving them a nice rub-down. Feel free to enjoy your brewskies while your chops soak up the flavor and while the fire is getting just right. While you wait poke at your fire and sing a tune. When the coals are just right, place your chops on the fire, and cook for 4-5 min. on each side. Continue to sit back while you eat and enjoy your good company. 


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