Winter In the Mountains


 The calendar dates well into spring, but the Rockies are holding tight to that winter feeling. In lieu of many life changes this past year, this winter I hightailed to the mountains for a little personal QT. I read somewhere the words 'Let your soul step out and take a breath,' and it stuck with me, so I did. A natural setting always leaves me feeling grounded and with a deeper connection and understating to everything; no matter what may be going on in my life bubble. From time to time we all feel the need to reconnect with what is real and to simply be more connected. I realize how fortunate I am to have the time to step out of Denver and into myself for a little while along with friends that let me tag along on their afternoon cross county ski adventures. Fortunate to have a fluffy companion bouncing along by my side. Fortunate to feel the melting snow crunch underneath my boots and the sun on my back. To slow down and enjoy the simple satisfaction of a beer and the camera in my pack. To photograph and explore the old mining cabins and add my mark on the wall like others before me that made the same little trek to surround themselves, if just for a moment, with the natural beauty of what life is really all about. 

Back in the city now, I am left with the imprint of these and many winter moments. Feeling reset and inspired. Content in myself and that I am exactly where I am meant to be. 



Rocky Mountains Fall


   Fall in Colorado. What's there to say? It's absolutely heaven on earth. Seeing the aspen leaves turn shades of gold and covering the mountainside is one of the most surreal and beautiful things on the planet. Simply brilliant. Growing up in south Georgia where seasons consist of hot and less hot with a few cold snaps thrown in during the winter months. We grew up with fall and spring being short lived and always fading too quickly. To  soak this fading time in,  Kate whipped up this simple pasta salad, I grabbed one of my favorite fall ales and my camera and we went out into the mountains...

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